What is arabesque decoration?

Arabesque refers to a design based on a combination of leaf motifs derived from Islamic art.

In Japan, a similar design is the arabesque pattern, which is called arabesque because it is an Arabic style decoration.

The Pillow Book states that ``Maki-e is an arabesque,'' so it seems that it was introduced through China and the Korean Peninsula in the 7th century.

It was introduced to Europe during the Renaissance period and is now a popular decoration used for interior decoration all over the world.

However, its origin is said to be the acanthus-like vine pattern that was introduced to the Islamic world during the ancient Roman period.

It is possible to freely create flowing decorations by combining lines, swirls, and undulations.

Also, by repeating and reversing the patterns in a certain rhythm, a consistent design can be placed over a large area.

In recent years, some people have moved away from social media and introduced how to draw it, but it is very elegant because there are several basic motifs and fixed definitions, and sometimes it is drawn mathematically using a compass etc. When drawing high patterns, the difficulty level becomes extremely high.

In recent years, some people have been writing about it as art by combining it with Western expressions (realistic paintings of birds and fish, etc.).

The continuous pattern symbolizes prosperity and vitality, and is a very popular design motif for jewelry.

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