About inquiries

We have a contact form available depending on the content.


Before contacting us

Please check your email reception settings.

Please make sure that your settings allow you to receive our email address (domain is or

There are many people who are unable to receive e-mails from their PCs, or who are unable to reply to e-mails because their domain is specified for receiving e-mails.


Please refrain from contacting us by phone.

There are many times when I am unable to answer the phone because I am using fire or chemicals, or am in the middle of engraving a detailed pattern.

Please refrain from making inquiries or contacting us by phone unless it is an emergency.


Click here for inquiries about products and shops, requests for work other than engraving orders, and other inquiries.

Basically, inquiries to our shop will be handled in Japanese only.

Please understand that we cannot respond to inquiries in other languages.

You can contact WorldShopping from the following links.

Inquiries regarding engraving orders

Request a quote for engraving orders *You will be redirected to Choukinyorozu's official website

Please check the contents of the engraving order information page in advance.