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IMULTA is an original jewelry brand launched in 2016 by Shunsuke Uetani, a representative metal engraver.

Metal engraving is a traditional technique that has been passed down to Japan since ancient times.
It is a craftsmanship that precisely carves metal to create beautiful patterns and designs.

About IMULTA / About metal engraving


About IMULTA Online Shop

IMULTA's jewelry is carefully hand-finished one by one using traditional engraving techniques.

Uetani's reliable skills as a representative metal engraver have skillfully balanced beauty, quality, and ease of use.

From modern and elegant styles to jewelry with a vintage feel, we have products that can be used for a lifetime by both men and women.

It is a piece of jewelry that highlights the charm of the wearer and serves as a partner in adding color to the everyday and creating the extraordinary.


IMULTA product purchase process

1. Membership registration
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2. Add the product to your shopping cart
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3. Select delivery method and payment method and enter delivery information
In order to ensure delivery, if you live in a condominium or apartment, please be sure to enter the building name as well.

4. Confirm your order
Please double check before confirming your order to avoid any mistakes.

5. Payment
If payment is made at a convenience store or by bank transfer, the item will be shipped after confirmation of payment completion.

6. Confirmation before shipping
If you order a high-value item or if we suspect a fraudulent transaction, we may contact you to confirm before accepting or shipping your order.

7. Shipping
Please check when you receive it.

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Free shipping for purchases over 30,000 yen

In Japan, shipping is free if the total purchase amount is 30,000 yen or more.

*For engraving orders, shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer regardless of the order fee.


Shipped within 5 days at the earliest from ordering

At IMULTA, all processes from design to production are carried out by one craftsman, so we may not be able to deliver the item to you as soon as possible.

For this reason, we have sufficient delivery times and will ship your order within 5 days at the earliest and 21 days at the most.

Please check the shipping details page for each product.


Available for purchase from outside Japan

We have introduced a proxy purchasing service, "WorldShopping," for customers accessing from overseas.

An international order cart will be displayed when accessing from outside Japan, and you can use multilingual customer support, overseas payment methods, and delivery to approximately 220 countries and regions.

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Shipped in original design box

IMULTA does not accept gift wrapping.

However, we will send it in an original box that can be given as a gift, so if you are thinking of purchasing it as a gift, you can use it without the additional wrapping fee.


No limit on maintenance consultation

For products purchased at IMULTA and engravings ordered, we can provide maintenance consultations without any restrictions on the number of times or period.

Prices and delivery times vary greatly depending on the condition of the product, so please feel free to contact us first.


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Against fraudulent orders and malicious acts

If you cause trouble or damage to us or a third party due to malicious acts such as using fictitious or other people's personal information, we will submit a damage report to the police.

≪Examples of malicious acts≫

  • Orders for the purpose of defrauding or fraudulently obtaining products
  • Mischievous orders (not receiving the product after shipping, not being able to contact you after placing the order, etc.)
  • Spoofing orders (such as using someone else's personal information such as their address or card information by impersonating them)
  • Refusal to receive or whereabouts unknown due to personal reasons
  • Other acts that are judged to be malicious or malicious



About engraving orders

At IMULTA, we also accept engraving orders for your metal products.

We can engrave a variety of metal products, from items you might associate with metal engraving to items you may not be aware of.

We engrave beautiful engravings on your one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind gift, perfect for anniversaries or as a gift for your loved ones.

Would you like to get your own special item, one and only in the world?


Regarding engraving orders, the order flow and payment method are different from those for purchasing IMULTA products.

Please check the information page for details.

Information of engraving orders


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