Commitment to metal engraving, commitment to products.

IMULTA is a one-of-a-kind brand created by first-class craftsmen.

IMULTAの彫金オーダー zippo

Commitment to carving every line beautifully and reliable metal engraving techniques

For special occasions and everyday life.

Great as a gift or for yourself.

A piece made with special techniques as a part of your life's memories.

The concept of IMULTA's jewelry and engravings is "the beauty of engraving patterns."

No matter how rare the technology is and how difficult it is to learn,
If the engraving pattern on the finished product is not beautiful, the customer will not be satisfied.

An engraving that makes a piece of jewelry that you want to wear or give as a special item.

IMULTA's products are made possible by the beauty of the engraving patterns, which is also the brand concept.

IMULTA jewelry

IMULTA's jewelry ranges from items that can be used on a daily basis to items that add color to the extraordinary, with a focus on designs that combine Japanese and Western motifs.

All designs are unisex, so you can enjoy them without categorizing them into men's or women's.

Not only the engraving but also the finishing is done with care by craftsmen, so you can use it for a lifetime.

IMULTAの彫金 サンプル スクロール アカンサス

Pride and commitment to the beauty of curves

It's because it's difficult that it makes a difference.

That's why I don't neglect my daily studies.

This is a commitment we have had since before the brand was launched.

IMULTA's engravings are particularly focused on the beauty of curves.

If we are not skilled at engraving, the lines will become wobbly.

How beautiful the lines are, and especially how natural the curves are, shows the skill of the metal engraver.

At IMULTA, we base our work on the ``expression-adding metal engraving'' used in traditional Japanese metal engraving.
It is engraved with various Japanese and Western metal engraving patterns to add expression.

Engraving on high hardness metals

At IMULTA, we also accept engraving on highly hard metals such as stainless steel, which are said to be impossible to engrave.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of products made from highly durable materials such as stainless steel, and metal engraving has also become necessary to handle high-hardness metals.

At IMULTA, we have made it possible to engrave high-hardness metals by repeatedly testing various aspects, including devising the cutting edge of Tagane.

IMULTA代表彫金師 上谷俊介


IMULTA representative metal engraver

Shunsuke Uetani

I discovered metal engraving while attending university and began training on my own.

After graduating, I worked in and out of several workshops, acquiring various skills.

After 8 years of experience, I became independent in March 2016 and launched his original brand "IMULTA" at the same time.

I specialize in the traditional technique of "Japanese engraving". I have mastered techniques other than Japanese engraving, and combine them to create works that fuse Eastern and Western motifs.