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Commitment to metal engraving, commitment to products.

IMULTA is a one-of-a-kind brand created by first-class craftsmen.



Metal engraving has a long history in metal crafts and continues to be loved.

Although not many people seem to know about it, it is a traditional technique that is surprisingly familiar.

About Engraving


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Silver necklace fully decorated with engraving patterns and cubic zirconia

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IMULTAの彫金ジュエリー Fortuna ピアス


Earrings that look like a landscape reflected in a drop of water

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IMULTAの彫金ジュエリー Swirl リング 指輪


Silver ring with a curved design

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Earrings engraved with a pattern that represents the life force of the ocean

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IMULTA Online Shop

"Metal engraving" is a traditional Japanese technique that has been loved since ancient times.
It is a traditional technique that involves delicately carving metal to create beautiful patterns and designs.

At IMULTA Online Shop, you can enjoy original jewelry created using these engraving techniques.

IMULTA's jewelry is carefully crafted one by one to combine beauty, quality and ease of use.
They are popular with a wide range of customers regardless of gender or age, and brings out the best in the wearer.

IMULTA also accepts engraving orders for a variety of metal products.
With the skilled techniques of our artisans, your metal products will be transformed into special items just for you.

Luxury original jewelry and one-of-a-kind orders.
It will be your lifelong partner, adding color to your everyday life and creating something extraordinary.

  • IMULTAの彫金オーダー カルカッタコンクエスト100DC・DC201HG
  • IMULTAの彫金オーダー ブライトリバーグリップ
  • IMULTAの彫金オーダー zippo
  • IMULTAの彫金オーダー 腕時計 ブルガリ
  • IMULTAの彫金オーダー ゴルフクラブ
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