The meaning and origin of snake-motif accessories

The snake is an abomination, a symbol of rejuvenation and a medical symbol.

The meaning of the snake motif is here

  • An evil entity that symbolizes Satan. *It is also a symbol of wisdom as a long-lived wise serpent.
  • It is a symbol of rejuvenation because it grows by repeatedly shedding its skin.
  • Asclepius (the Ophiuchus) is a snake, so he is a medical symbol.

In the case of Christian religious paintings, the snake represents Satan, and is considered to represent "evil, cunning, and hideousness," making it an abominable being.

However, in Greek mythology, which existed before the spread of Christianity, the snake was a symbol of vitality and fertility.

If you are familiar with Greek mythology, you may know that the snake was entangled around the rod of Asclepius, a medical genius, and it became the symbol of medicine. The logo of the World Health Organization (WHO) is the rod of Asclepius.

A snake that is said to keep growing its entire life

It seems that not all snakes grow throughout their lives, but there are some snakes that continue to grow little by little.

Putting aside the actual biological considerations, I think the idea of ​​"growth never stops/continues" is a very attractive meaning for a talisman.

Because it has connotations of "evil," I would be hesitant to give it to someone as a gift, but I do recommend purchasing it for yourself as a talisman to wear.

The snake motif on the ring is Ouroboros

Not all of them, but many of the snakes used on rings (silver rings) represent the Ouroboros.

The Ouroboros eating (swallowing) its own tail is a symbol of immortality and eternal cyclicality.

There is also Jormungand (in Norse mythology) in a similar vein, but there are similar myths all over the world that feature snakes (or dragons that are more like snakes), such as the Chinese "Tong" (which actually has the character for animal attached to it), so it seems that snakes were regarded as sacred in most places around the world.

The difference between Jormungand and Ouroboros is that Jormungand bites its own tail instead of swallowing it.

Ouroboros Ring

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