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Leaf Motif

Leaf Motif

Silver necklace with a combination of moving leaves

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Silver necklace with a combination of moving leaves

A leaf-shaped silver and cubic zirconia stone seat are combined using the ``Yosemono Zaiku'' technique.

Yosemonozaiku is a traditional technique in which parts of various shapes are assembled and assembled to create a shape.

The shine of carefully polished silver, the leaf pattern that looks like it's bouncing in multiple directions, and the zirconia that reflects light.

This jewelry is suitable for everyday use and adds glamor and comfort to your daily outfit.

Comes with a chain that matches the color.



  • silver925
  • cubic zirconia



  • Length: 22.7mm (0.89in)
  • Width: 153mm (0.6in)
  • Thickness: 2.7mm (0.1in)


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  • Since it is made very delicately, there is a risk of deformation if strong force or shock is applied to it.
  • Although this product is designed to be resistant to allergic reactions, we cannot guarantee that all people will not experience metal allergies, as allergic symptoms vary from person to person. Please refrain from using if you experience allergic symptoms.
  • Please refrain from wearing it when doing heavy lifting or playing sports, as it may accidentally cause harm to your body.
  • Please do not wear it in extremely hot or cold temperatures (saunas, ski resorts, etc.) as this may cause burns or frostbite.
  • Wearing it while bathing in a hot spring may cause discoloration.
  • The color of the actual product may differ due to differences in viewing environment such as display and settings.
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