FAQ - About engraving orders

Frequently asked questions about engraving orders

About engraving orders

Can you engrave any pattern at the lowest price?

We cannot engrave any pattern for the same amount of money.

Prices vary depending on various conditions such as the engraved product, metal, area, design, number of pieces, etc., and your request.

Additionally, there may be cases where even seemingly simple patterns require advanced techniques, cases where it is necessary to prepare special tools to match the requested item, or additional fees may be incurred depending on the condition of the engraved product.

First, please check the engraving order information page and contact us using the provisional estimate request form.

About engraving orders

The provisional quotation request form

What kind of things can you engrave?

In addition to silver and brass, we also handle a wide range of materials such as stainless steel.

For more information, please check the "What can and cannot be engraved" section on the engraving order information page.

About engraving orders

Can I see previous cases?

You can see them on the gallery page.


Where can I request a quote?

Please contact us using the provisional estimate request form (on Choukinyorozu official website).

The provisional quotation request form

What should I tell you when requesting a quote?

It doesn't matter what you understand, so please fill in the following information and we will be able to talk to you relatively smoothly.

  • What do you want to engrave and where do you want to engrave? (*Required)
  • Size of the object/location you want to engrave (*required)
  • Material of the object/location you want to engrave (*required)
  • Number of objects/locations you want to engrave (*required)
  • The budget, if you have
  • Image of the design you want, if you have
  • Any other questions or requests, if you have

We may also receive an image or URL of something you would like to engrave or something similar to your desired image.

Please note that if you change the conditions, wishes, or design of the quotation that has already been submitted, we will re-estimate the quotation even after the final quotation or order has been placed.

About engraving orders

Why do we estimate twice, a preliminary estimate and a final estimate?

The provisional estimate is calculated based on the details of your inquiry, so it is an approximate amount calculated before we directly check the requested item.

It is not uncommon for the contents of your inquiry to differ from the actual condition of the requested item.

  • Conditions such as material and size were different
  • Due to the structure, it is not possible to engrave in the desired location
  • It was plated
  • It was harder material than expected

Several such cases have occurred in the past.

It is difficult for the customer to judge these points and the condition of the requested item by themselves, and it is extremely difficult for us to calculate the exact amount without seeing the actual requested item.

For this reason, we provide two estimates: a provisional estimate calculated based on the details of your inquiry, and a final estimate calculated after actually inspecting the requested item and understanding its condition.

About engraving orders

How many days does it take from ordering to shipping?

The shortest delivery time is one month, but since a single craftsman engraves each item by hand in the order in which they are received, the delivery time can vary greatly depending on the order status and the content of the request.

Please make inquiries and requests well in advance of your desired delivery date.

Please note that if the desired delivery time is shorter than one month, a rush fee will be charged.

About engraving orders

What payment methods are available?

Payment will be made by bank transfer.

About payment methods

Can I use an online shop coupon for payment?

Not available.

What shipping methods are available?

We will send the item via Yamato Transport's courier service or courier compact service, cash on delivery.

About shipping methods

Can you provide maintenance after ordering?

We accept.

However, please note that maintenance or repair may not be possible depending on the condition.

First of all, please consult us from the inquiry page.

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Is additional engraving after ordering included in maintenance?

It is not included.

We will provide you with a new estimate, so please first contact us using the preliminary estimate request form.

The provisional quotation request form

I have not received a preliminary estimate even though I requested it using the form.

Please check if it is as follows.

  • There is an error in the email address you entered
  • Sorted as spam or deleted
  • My email address (domain is @choukinyorozu.com) is set so that it cannot be received (e.g., you are not able to receive emails from your PC, you have specified a domain for receiving emails, etc.)

If there is no problem with the reception settings, the email address is correct, or the email is not sorted into a different folder than usual, there is a possibility that there is an email error or the inquiry was incomplete.

If you have not received a provisional quote within a week of requesting it, please check your reception settings and request again using the form, or contact us via SNS account (X or Instagram) with the date and time of your inquiry, your name, and the content of your inquiry.

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Can I order from overseas?

Very sorry.

This is limited to customers who can receive the item within Japan.

If you have any questions that are not covered on this page, please contact us using the contact form.